U4SN 2016Since 2014 the U4 Student Network (U4SN) has been established on a permanent basis, bringing together the student representatives of all U4 partner universities.

The focus of the U4 Student Network is on sharing experiences and on exchanging best practices concerning student participation and regarding various dimensions of student life at the respective partner universities.

Topics of interest for the student network are student participation, student well-being, facilities, hazing, quality assurance, cooperative learning, internationalization and sustainability. 

The U4SN organizes two meetings per year on a central theme of interest and presents its recommendations on an annual basis. 

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Students 2018The U4 Student Conference took place in Göttingen from 19 to 21 November 2018. It is organised by the U4 Student Network and brings together student representatives from all U4 partner institutions. This year students from the University of Tartu were included for the first time.

During the conference, the student representatives discussed various topics including student participation, integration and inclusion of international students. Furthermore, the students discussed how the relation between the U4 partner institutions can be further developed and intensified as well as how the student engagement within the network can be expanded.

studentnetwork-2017From 21 to 24 March, a meeting of the U4 Student Network took place in Ghent, dealing with the central topic of 'Student Well-Being'. The U4 Student Network unites the various student associations and student representatives of the four partner institutions.

The U4 Student Network forms the framework for exchange and cooperation on various student-related themes, such as: student participation, quality assurance, internationalization, sustainability, and many more.

For this specific meeting, student delegations coming from all partner universities where present. Participants aimed to examine student well-being and inclusivity in different dimensions. Within various working groups, topics, such as inclusiveness, student hazing, mental health, and disability, were discussed.

Student Union Groningen 2016 Nov smallOn 10 and 11 November 2016 the representatives of the U4 Students Network met in Groningen. It was the 7th meeting of the delegations and U4SN works together since 2013. The meetings benefit the four universities by establishing contacts between the students from the network, which is fantastic for the future to come.

The topic for discussion was sustainability, both in the environment, in student life and in education. For example, in regards to the environment, the student networks believes that University buildings should be energy neutral and sustainable. In student life, the Universities should also divest from non-sustainable products and companies and strive to be CO2 neutral. They should also have a partnership with student associations to motivate and support them with information and offer logistics and financial support to make student activities and associations more sustainable. Regarding education, the Universities should promote and facilitate transnational education and awareness around topics of sustainability, through further digitalization of education and examinations.


Student Union Groningen 2016 mediumOn 19 and 20 May 2016 the representatives of the U4 Students Network met in Groningen. It was the 6th meeting of the delegations and U4SN works together since 2013 which is great. From meeting to meeting they feel more familiar with each other which is a nice working atmosphere and creates a strong link between the universities.

They discussed about international student life, the international curriculum and the accessibility of the exchange programs. The students' representatives think that the U4 Network should be more visible for the undergraduate students and we need to capitalize our strong connection to all parts within the university. Also the different academic calendar is an enormous barrier to keep students away from an exchange. As a result we see that the universities have similar problems but also big differences which are more locally based. Our goals is to try to solve these issues and work together on these problems as partners in this network.

Student Union Goettingen 2015 smallIn October 2015 the U4 Network students' representatives and their delegations met in Göttingen. They discussed about issues of student participation, how much influence they have in decisions around and in the university policies. The internationalization of the universities and integration of refugees was a big part of the sessions. Furthermore they talked about mental health among students and equality issues. The sessions include group discussions and presentation from each delegation. A topic was also the accreditation of bachelor and master programs especially with double or joint degrees or the quality of education in general.

The students from Uppsala, Ghent and Groningen had the opportunity to visit the historical prison called "Karzer" in the University of Göttingen and where shown around the city center from a tour guide. The first day ended with a nice dinner at the Planea restaurant in Göttingen with a beautiful view over the historical astronomical observatory.

The two days were full of input to create an output to advise the rectors meeting which followed in the beginning of November in Uppsala.

U4 Student Union Uppsala 2015 smallDuring two, for the season unusually cold, days in May 18 Students met in Uppsala to discuss issues related to education and the student life. The purpose and future of the Student Network was also on the agenda.

The students had two intensive days with presentations and group discussions. One of the most interesting group discussions was about quality systems in education and how to evaluate courses.

A presentation of the Uppsala project "Active student participation" was followed by group discussions about student representation in the democracy process within the university and student participation in education.

The student delegates had the opportunity to visit the student nations in Uppsala. Following that, topics such as how to welcome new students and policy around student hazing and alcohol were discussed.

The visitors also had the opportunity to join a guided tour of the Botanical Garden, the University Library and the University Main Building. The meeting ended with a traditional Swedish gasque, a special sort of dinner party for students.

More info: www.facebook.com/U4studentnetwork & U4 Student Network

24From 13 till 16 May about 35 students from all U4 partners took part in the 3rd U4 Student Network meeting. For the first time all partner universities could send a full student delegation.

Within the framework of the U4 Student Network visits to the various student facilities of Groningen (student houses, meal services, sports infrastructures) were organized. In addition, several aspects of student participation were discussed, such as student elections, student events, as well as the different structures of student participation at the respective partner universities. The meeting opened several new prospects for further exchange on best practices and for cooperation between the U4 student nations.

Emmius the Student Network meeting was organised at the start of the festivities of the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen ('For infinity'). The students were invited to the official opening celebration attended by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander.

During the opening ceremony on 15 May, Prof. Ulrike Beisiegel, President of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen was awarded the Ubbo Emmius medal by Rector Magnificus Prof. Sterken, for her merit in the field of cardiovascular diseases and her views on integrity and ethics.

StudentsgentFrom 20 to 22 March 2013 Student delegations from Groningen and Uppsala visit Ghent University for launching the U4 students network.

The focus of the U4 student network is on sharing knowledge regarding several forms of student participation at the respective partner institutions. The U4 students are therefore introduced in the student life in Ghent. An exchange session is programmed, along side of several acquintance visits.

Ghent University Rector Paul van Cauwenberge invited the delegation to take part in the official academic programme of the Dies Natalis, the celebration of the founding of Ghent University.

Listen to the live report by the Ghent student magazine 'Spoetnik' @ UrGent.fm.