U4 Student Union Uppsala 2015 smallDuring two, for the season unusually cold, days in May 18 Students met in Uppsala to discuss issues related to education and the student life. The purpose and future of the Student Network was also on the agenda.

The students had two intensive days with presentations and group discussions. One of the most interesting group discussions was about quality systems in education and how to evaluate courses.

A presentation of the Uppsala project "Active student participation" was followed by group discussions about student representation in the democracy process within the university and student participation in education.

The student delegates had the opportunity to visit the student nations in Uppsala. Following that, topics such as how to welcome new students and policy around student hazing and alcohol were discussed.

The visitors also had the opportunity to join a guided tour of the Botanical Garden, the University Library and the University Main Building. The meeting ended with a traditional Swedish gasque, a special sort of dinner party for students.

More info: www.facebook.com/U4studentnetwork & U4 Student Network

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