Student Union Groningen 2016 Nov smallOn 10 and 11 November 2016 the representatives of the U4 Students Network met in Groningen. It was the 7th meeting of the delegations and U4SN works together since 2013. The meetings benefit the four universities by establishing contacts between the students from the network, which is fantastic for the future to come.

The topic for discussion was sustainability, both in the environment, in student life and in education. For example, in regards to the environment, the student networks believes that University buildings should be energy neutral and sustainable. In student life, the Universities should also divest from non-sustainable products and companies and strive to be CO2 neutral. They should also have a partnership with student associations to motivate and support them with information and offer logistics and financial support to make student activities and associations more sustainable. Regarding education, the Universities should promote and facilitate transnational education and awareness around topics of sustainability, through further digitalization of education and examinations.


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