Student Union Goettingen 2015 smallIn October 2015 the U4 Network students' representatives and their delegations met in Göttingen. They discussed about issues of student participation, how much influence they have in decisions around and in the university policies. The internationalization of the universities and integration of refugees was a big part of the sessions. Furthermore they talked about mental health among students and equality issues. The sessions include group discussions and presentation from each delegation. A topic was also the accreditation of bachelor and master programs especially with double or joint degrees or the quality of education in general.

The students from Uppsala, Ghent and Groningen had the opportunity to visit the historical prison called "Karzer" in the University of Göttingen and where shown around the city center from a tour guide. The first day ended with a nice dinner at the Planea restaurant in Göttingen with a beautiful view over the historical astronomical observatory.

The two days were full of input to create an output to advise the rectors meeting which followed in the beginning of November in Uppsala.

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