Student Union Groningen 2016 mediumOn 19 and 20 May 2016 the representatives of the U4 Students Network met in Groningen. It was the 6th meeting of the delegations and U4SN works together since 2013 which is great. From meeting to meeting they feel more familiar with each other which is a nice working atmosphere and creates a strong link between the universities.

They discussed about international student life, the international curriculum and the accessibility of the exchange programs. The students' representatives think that the U4 Network should be more visible for the undergraduate students and we need to capitalize our strong connection to all parts within the university. Also the different academic calendar is an enormous barrier to keep students away from an exchange. As a result we see that the universities have similar problems but also big differences which are more locally based. Our goals is to try to solve these issues and work together on these problems as partners in this network.

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