2020 Educational Change Tartu'Educational Change in Times of Rapid Technological Innovation' is an intensive summer university programme at the University of Tartu, which aims to critically examine the development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning and stimulate conversations to re-imagine teaching as well as learning in times of the digital transformation. The rationale of the summer university is to empower people to re-imagine modern teaching practices and follow the transformation of education.

The summer programme is divided into three modules, each of which is devoted to addressing one educational challenge:

  • Module 1: Technology use in education
    Challenge: How can we engage digital technologies in meaningful ways?
    The topics include: Learning Analytics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Video-Supported Learning and Online Education.
  • Module 2: Pedagogy in the XXI Century
    Challenge: How can pedagogy respond to the ongoing digital transformations in society?
    The topics include: Digital Pedagogy, Digital Literacy and Collaborative Learning.
  • Module 3: Educational Technology in a complex world
    Challenge: How can we develop systemic thinking to deal with uncertainty in education?
    The topics include: Systemic Thinking, Critical Management of Innovation.

More information are available on https://www.ut.ee/en/studies/educational-change-times-rapid-technological-innovation

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