ACCOMPLISSHA conference that is targeted at senior research managers, research directors, deans and staff members of EU DGs and focuses of the role of co-creation processes in order to tackle European and global societal challenges will take place in Brussels on February 27.

At the conference, the results of the Horizon 2020 funded project ACCOMPLISSH will be showcased and discussed. The EU project, which expires this year, analysed the process of co-creation between stakeholders from industry, society, government and academia by focusing on Social Sciences and Humanities research.

Debates will also focus on questions such as, “How and in what way do co-creation processes play a role in agenda setting and the overall future of the European Union?”

Scientists from the University of Groningen, Ghent University and the University of Göttingen all take part in ACCOMPLISSH. Peter Meister-Broekema from the University of Groningen even being the one presenting the findings of ACCOMPLISSH at the conference in Brussels.

More information and the full programme are available

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