CeMEASIn the framework of the 'Taiwan Chair' the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies at Göttingen hosts the workshop 'Towards a New Global Order? Ambitions, Scope and Challenges of China’s Belt and Road Initiative' with the aim of exploring the complex entanglements between the BRI and China’s changing role in the global political economy.

Guiding questions during the workshop will be: How to assess the motives and challenges of the BRI as a new development strategy in the context of slowing growth rates and overcapacity problems in the Chinese economy? What are the responses to the BRI by stakeholders in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe? And what are the implications of the BRI for international relations and China’s ascent to a global superpower?

sustainable-energy-2018In this summer school, we will focus on the roles and interplay of energy systems, resources and new technology in areas of key importance for sustainable energy development.

Since various economic and political considerations are likely to be central in forming our future energy system, during the course we also want to elucidate the technical possibilities against the backdrop of likely economic and political realities. 

familyethics 2019From 12 till 18 August 2019 hosts the 3rd edition of the summer school 'What About the Family? - Ethical Issues in Health Care'. The focus of this summer school is especially on questions related to person-centered and shared decision making, screening (from preconception till adult screening) healthy ageing and ‘end of life care’.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, also PhDs and Postdocs working in the field of ethics are invited to take part, as well as those working in health care (public health) more broadly: communication, sociology and medical anthropology.

Summer School Ageing Brain 2019This year’s annual U4Society Summer School ‘The Ageing Brain’ will be hosted by Uppsala University from 25 to 31 August 2019. Each of the programme days focuses on a different theme such as Ageing Research, neurodegeneration or protein aggregation.

The participants have the opportunity to attend interesting lectures, to take part in workshops and to discuss their own research with experts in their fields. The programme is aimed at Master students and junior PhD students, who have a specific interest in neuroscience and the challenges of ageing.

For further information please see the programme.

Summer School Molecular Genetics and Zoology 2019The SPIRIT Summer School on 'Molecular Genetics in Zoology' will take place at the University of Göttingen from 16 to 19 September 2019 (see poster). The Summer School offers 3-days of hands on training on the use of RNAseq, RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing and situ hybridization. It is targeted at PhD student or postdocs who work on projects with an emerging or novel animal model with a focus on protostomes. All participants will develop their own experimental plan and have the opportunity to discuss their projects with experts from Göttingen and other invited speakers. Basic skills in molecular work are required.

The Göttingen Symposium on ‘Frontiers in Molecular Zoology’ takes place from 19 to 20 September 2019 immediately following the SPRIT Summer School. At this 2-day symposium, we bring together renowned international scientists who study genes and their involvement in all kinds of zoological phenomena. All PIs, postdocs and PhD students interested in Zoology are invited to participate.