Master of Arts (Erasmus Mundus) - 120 EC

The MA Programme "Euroculture, Europe in the Wider World" aims to prepare graduates from all over the world for professions and research areas in which knowledge of present Europe and the European Union institutions are of relevance. The focus of the programme is on cultural and social developments, the political process of European integration, values, citizenship and cultural identity.

The programme teaches students the methods and skills required to identify the European dimensions of social problems, to collect and process relevant information of European institutions and organisations and to reflect on the cultural aspects and factors that play a role in the process of European identity formation and European integration.

The four semester MA programme is offered by a consortium of eight European universities. These universities are also partnered with four non-European universities. The consortium coordinating university is the University of Groningen. Alos the University of Göttingen and Uppsala University are active in the consortium.

Start programme:
1 September

Application deadline:
1 Decemeber

More info:

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