The following list gives you an overview of Uppsala's PhD-Student Programmes.


Postgraduate studies within Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology holds overall supervisory responsibility for postgraduate training. The specific department with which the postgraduate student is registered holds executive responsibility. The training offered is of a high standard and so structured that those who successfully complete it shall be well prepared and well qualified for a position at the best universities, nationally and internationally, in industry, public agencies, and society in general.

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Postgraduate studies in Medicine and Pharmacy

Do you want to do a postgraduate degree? Here you'll find all the information you need about postgraduate programmes in the Medicine and Pharmacy disciplinary domain at Uppsala University.

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Postgraduate studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

Society faces major problems such as unemployment, climate change and refugees. Solving such problems requires people with extensive knowledge combined with the creativity needed to think in new ways. Third-cycle studies will provide you with these tools.

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