U4 activities

The available central budget is divided equally over the 5 clusters. Ca €8.500 is available per cluster per year, which indicates that matching funds from other – decentral - sources are needed for bigger events. The Head of International Relations and Strategy department Mr. Paul Bolt is the budget holder. Responsible for the U4 coordination is Ms. Jodien Houwers, ISR.

From this budget, the University of Groningen supports RUG academics, staff and students for activities jointly organized with U4 partners with ‘seed money’. Recurrent activities have to be matched by Faculties after 2 meetings. Projects, workshops, meetings and events should involve participants from at least 3 U4 partners to be considered a U4 event and eligible for financial support. In exceptional cases (for instance at the start of the project) the event or meeting can be bi-lateral.

Individual visits of RUG researchers, teachers or staff should preferably be supported by departmental budgets for training & mobility, Erasmus+ staff visit grants, Erasmus+ student mobility grants, or RUG Marco Polo Grants. For the preparation of Horizon 2020 application the RUG has a project submission bonus which might cover part of the preparatory costs as well. http://myuniversity.rug.nl/infonet/medewerkers/faciliteiten-voorzieningen/subsidies-en-fondsen/support-for-research/europa/project-submission-bonus

As a rule the costs for travel, hotel and subsistence are paid by the sending university.

Applications are brief (max 1 page) and should include

  1. Title
  2. Description of the activity
  3. Objectives, output and reach
  4. Timing
  5. Names and coordinates of U4 colleagues involved
  6. Budget estimate

Eligible costs for U4 events that can be covered by the central budget at UG are:

  • Costs for meetings, conferences in Groningen (rent of meeting rooms, equipment, lunches and 1x dinner for the group)
  • Travel costs and subsistence costs for attending meetings, conferences, workshops etc. at the partner universities by UG academics and staff.

Costs for invited speakers at workshops or conferences, moderators or facilitators (not being staff of one of the U4 partners) are not eligible for U4 funding. Tuition fees for summer schools have to be met by the departments or applicants themselves. Exemption from course fees is at the discretion of the organizers.

The maximum level of financial support for U4 events is:

Travel grant Groningen-Göttingen €150
Subsistence costs €100 per day

Travel grant Groningen-Uppsala €480
Subsistence costs €125 per day

Travel grant Groningen-Ghent €160
Subsistence costs €125 per day

Proposals can be submitted any time at UG and have to fit into the priority themes of the Academic Clusters, the University Management Cluster or the Roadmap of the Rectors.

The U4 coordinator has to be contacted before commitments are made for visits or events, in order to make sure that the budget at UG can cover the expenditure. The U4 coordinator will check if the event will be supported by the partner universities and will be put on the U4 calendar of activities on the website.

Faculties/departments/staff members have to arrange their own trip. The usual UG procedures for international business trips apply. On the UG website “my university” the forms for an international trip and declaration forms can be found under “claims portal”. Please contact the U4 coordinator for the U4 project code, before you submit a ‘request for international trip’. This will save administrative handlings.

Applicants from UMCG are requested to pre-finance their costs from an internal budget and inform Dr. Michiel Hooiveld (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) about the costs they have made. The costs will be reimbursed at the end of the year to the departmental budgets at UMCG. For trips from staff members of UMCG the regulations at UMCG apply.

A U4 report (1 A4) form has to be filled in after the meeting. The information from this forms will be used for the website and for the annual updates for the Rectors’ conference.

U4 Double and Joint doctorates

For double and joint doctorate positions with U4 partners there is no central budget at UG. The instruments we have in place for this at UG (AIO positions and bursaries) are monitored by the Graduate Schools and Faculty Boards. If you are invited by colleagues from Uppsala, Ghent or Göttingen to join in into a double doctorate arrangement, please contact the Director of your Graduate School if this can be matched by UG.

U4 workshops and summer schools for PhD students are one of the key actions of U4 and are eligible for funding.

The management systems at U4 universities differ. We tried to align the conditions for U4 funding as much as possible, but there can be differences in the financial contribution per partner.

Ms. Jodien Houwers
International Strategy and Relations
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel.: + 31 50 36 35467

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