neuroscience-2018During the last week of August a selected group of 16 students from 11 different countries gathered in Göttingen to participate in the 6th edition of the Summer School on 'Clinical and Translational Neuroscience'.

This year, the summer school was supported by the U4 network. On each day of the week, the students covered one major topic of clinical neurology:

sustainability-summer-2018From 9 till 13 July Groningen hosted the first edition of the interdisciplinary U4 Summer School 'Creating a Climate for Change'.

Nineteen highly motivated students from fourteen different nationalities worked on real-life cases brought forward by the U4 partners.

In order to help them think about the cases, they attended lectures by experts from different disciplines: some being more theoretical, others more in the form of practical exercises. The students worked a.o. on Urban Farming (Uppsala), Digital Participation towards Sustainability (Ghent), and Greening the City (Groningen).

gender-2018At the height of a record hot summer, 15 PhD and MA students from Ghent, Groningen, Göttingen and Uppsala gathered at the centre for Gender Research in Uppsala for the second summer school in Gender Studies organized within the U4 network. 

For this edition the course was organized around the ever-timely theme of Methods, Methodologies and Ethics: Complexities and Responsibilities in Doing Gender Research.

fieldschool-2018During three weeks, between July 16 and August 4, a team of Bachelor and Master students of Ghent University, Groningen University, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, and Uppsala Universitet participated in a Fieldschool Material Culture in Thorikos (Attika, GR).

This highly important aspect, leading up to the publication, has always been the poor cousin within the archaeological chaîne opératoire. Students normally prefer excavation with the thrill of discovery and the unexpected. As we had a small excavation with a team from Utrecht University running at the same time, focusing upon the suspected city wall of Thorikos, however, students could still change over in a rotation scheme.