Visual Processing Gttingen 2019 smallThe workshop 'The Influences of Motivation and Emotion on Visual Processing' brought together junior and senior researchers in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from Göttingen (host), Groningen and Ghent, as well as a number of external speakers and PhD students from six other universities world-wide.

The two-day workshop was focused on the work-in-progress of PhD students and Postdocs who presented and discussed their findings, in order to get further input by their peers and the participating senior scientists. 

Furthermore, during additional lectures senior staff discussed overarching research questions and main findings in the field, as well as common methodologies. These lectures created an excellent opportunity for the junior researchers to gain broader knowledge. In her evening keynote, Rasha Abdel Rahman (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) gave insight on the  'influences of social information on face perception and person evaluation', followed by many inspiring and fruitful discussions during the reception.

In the course of the workshop, we discussed open science topics and challenges and had a panel discussion on career development with many helpful tips from the professors and a scientific coordinator from the Göttingen Campus. The workshop was successful and productive and fostered the links between the different labs and young researchers. A follow-up workshop is already in the works and will likely take place at the Ghent University in 2021.

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