taiwanstudies-2018In the framework of the U4 Taiwan Studies network a 2nd workshop was hosted by Groningen on 31 May and 1 June 2018, focusing on the theme: 'EU foreign policy and the response from East Asia'.

The workshop was centered around four main topics: (1) political developments and EU-East Asia Relations, (2) governing economic relations between the EU and East Asia, (3) normative power Europe and East Asia, and (4) the EU and China: policies and normative stance.

Under the first topic, the growing influence of China in the EU, the relations between East Asia, the EU and the US, and recent political developments in East Asia were discussed. The second topic unfolded in papers discussing FTAs and changing trade relations between the EU and East Asia, China’s State Owned Enterprises, the Belt and Road Initiative, economic cooperation and competition.

These topics were also reflected in the keynote speech 'Principled pragmatism’ and EU-Asia Relations'. This keynote speech also brought up the issue of normative power, that was the focus of the third and fourth topic of the workshop. Here, papers on the role of Europe as normative power for East Asia were discussed.

The workshop was concluded with a round table debate on EU’s values and the response from East Asia: Prospect and Retrospect. A selection of the papers will be published as a special issue of the journal 'Taiwanese Journal of Political Science'. The workshop was sponsored by the U4 network, the NWO, and MOST.

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