Staff Visit Uppsala Gtttingen 2018 smallIn late April, the Faculty Office for Humanities and Social Sciences, Uppsala University, visited Göttingen University. The aim of the visit, which was initiated by Uppsala but generously planned and arranged by the Göttingen hosts, was to contribute to the Uppsala office's continuous work for enhanced internationalization and quality.

During two intensive days of inspiring meetings and discussions between the two U4 partners, the Uppsala office had the opportunity to meet with various representatives and offices of Göttingen University, particularly related to the humanities, social sciences, theology and teacher education.

In addition to the much-appreciated sessions with different parts of the university, the guests were guided around Göttingen and introduced to some of the town's many cultural and historical treasures, such as the Assembly Hall, the State Library of the University of Göttingen, the Theological Stift and the Cast Collection of Antique Sculptures.

The meetings and exchange of experiences that took place during April 19-20 resulted in many new acquaintances and perspectives. Both visitors and guests are convinced that this fruitful and stimulating contact will lead to further collaboration and dialogue in the future.

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