Peer Review Groningen 2017In Groningen on 20th and 21st of September 2017 the U4 partners shared their experiences on transfer of innovations and building a campus eco-structure.

On behalf of the Board of the University of Groningen Mr. Jan de Jeu welcomed the participants and gave a brief introduction on Campus Groningen.

The University of Groningen has a campus in the City Center for Humanities, Law, Social Sciences; a Healthy Aeging Campus including the Academic Hospital and the Zernike Campus which is shared with the University of Applied Sciences and startup companies. Furthermore the Fryslân Campus has been opened recently and in 2018 the University of Groningen intends to open the Campus Yantai in China.

Prof. Gerald de Haan welcomed the group at the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) and demonstrated how the internal design of the building was developed together with its future users. Barry Schuurmans illustrated the development of the campus by a model. There was a lively discussion among the participants on the various procedures for the design and construction of university buildings.

The four partners presented their campus visions and options for bridging the gap between knowledge institutes and enterprises focusing on planning, governance, student involvement, nourishing entrepreneurship in research and education, choice of partners.

The conclusions of this Groningen meeting will be on the agenda of the U4 Rectors' meeting on 19-20 November in Ghent.

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