IPTL GhentThe third round in the "International Classroom Course" series will take place in Gent on the 18-20th of November 2013. The course is based on a 3-day workshop programme for coordinators of international bachelor and masters programmes. The first round was hosted by Uppsala University (May 2012) and the second by the University of Groningen (February 2013). The programme has been very positively assessed by participants, both those who were relatively new in their roles as well as by more experienced coordinators.

Twenty participants - five from each university - are provided with an opportunity to work with Ms. Jude Carroll, an international expert in the field of effective teaching of international students as well as with experienced facilitators (Geir Gunnlaugsson and Daan Romein) and invited guests.

On the 9th and 10th of October, the University of Göttingen welcomed participants to the fourth and final event of the U4 leadership programme.

The leadership programme was a training event for those in university and faculty management in the U4 network. The academic and scientific environment in which universities operate is becoming increasingly complex.

Managing the process of continuous profiling, and the academic as well as the scientific development of universities requires certain skills that the leadership programme was able to address. Three events had already taken place at the partner institutions. The Göttingen event concentrated on the topic of "Managing Change and Preparing for the Future".

Welcome Center 2013 smallFrom 30 September till 3 October 2013 the staff training workshop 'Welcome Centre for Researcher Advisors / Accommodation Service for international students' toke place in Göttingen.

The Welcome Centre is the central service facility for internationally mobile researchers and academics and their families at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen.

The aim of the workshop held in Göttingen with researcher advisors and possibly accommodation service officers was to gain deeper understanding on how to build up a Welcome Centre for those, e.g. Uppsala University, who are thinking about setting up a service. For those, who already do have an institutional service point to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of supporting internationally mobile researchers.

3 kleinFrom 18-20th February the University of Groningen hosted the second edition of the Intercultural Perspectives in Teaching and Learning. A 3-day programme for coordinators of international bachelor and master programmes. Twenty participants - five from each university - discussed intensively during three days.

The course leaders were Geir Gunnlangsson from Uppsala University's division of Development of Teaching and Learning and Daan Romein from Groningen's department for Educational Support and Innovation. Ms. Jude Carroll, an international expert in the field of effective teaching of international students, was invited to comment on the experiences and observations of the course participants.

groningen-logo-nlThe Office of the University of Groningen is organizing a 5-day staff training from 7-11 March 2011 in the field of Environment Health and Safety.

The purpose of the training is:

  • to gather and share information on health and safety issues and procedures at the University of Groningen and the universities of the participants;
  • to learn about concepts for a sustainable campus
  • to share experiences and information regarding newest regulations of EU

The prospective participants should have a 2-3 year experience in the field of Health, Safety and Environment. Language proficiency of English is required.