staff-uppsala-2018From May 14th to May 18th 2018 a group of Göttingen colleagies visited Uppsala University for an individual staff exchange week within the Erasmus Staff Mobility Program.

The Göttingen group consisted of colleagues o the Presidential Office and the Göttingen Campus Office. Therefore, they chose to spend a week in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office of Uppsala University to get to know the colleagues within the U4 Network and exchange ideas and experiences about daily operations.

The visit was very well prepared by Oskar Pettersson, head of unit at Planning Division of the Vice-Chancellors Office, and Ellen Sjöholm, project coordinator wihin the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. In the course of the week, they got tours of central historical as well as modern University buildings and visited events such as a conference on Digital Humanities and the launch of a new breakfast and news series for Swedish and international students. Most of the time was spent talking to individual or small groups of colleagues from the Vice Chancellor’s Office, the Planning Division, the Development Office, the Communications Division, the Student Affairs and Academic Registry Division, the Division for Quality Enhancement as well as the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences to exchange ideas and experiences.

Besiuppsala-admindes the well-structured and well-thought-out program, the very impressive new Segerstedt Building with its open floors and different possibilities for meetings, informal get-togethers and direct communication helped to start spontaneous discussions with colleagues as much as ”fika”, the jointly spent coffee-break in the morning and afternoon.

In conclusion, staff mobility is a great enrichment. Looking beyond your own working area and discovering another country and education system is very enlightening: It does not only give an insight on how things are done elsewhere but also very much triggers reflections on your own work and the educational system as wells as institutional structures at home. Those experiences and impulses allow for integration into our daily work, be it in project management, in communication with (guest) scientists, early career researchers, students and within administration as well as in the regular meeting and conference organization. Altogether, the very lively discussions on smaller and bigger problems with our U4 colleagues were of great benefit for both sides and certainly raised the wish for ongoing exchange between each other. Thank you again for this great time, Uppsala University. We hope that there will be a visit from our U4 colleagues to Göttingen very soon.

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