eResearchOn 3-4 February 2016 the Göttingen University hosted a series of workshops about research data management and institutional repositories.

Research data take on greater significance in today's scholarly communication, which is in part attributable to the growing fraction and amounts of digital data, new digital tools, and the requirements on replicability of scientific results. These developments pose new challenges on the research process, as well as on institutional organizational structures and roles.

The aim of the workshops was to exchange knowledge, share experience and use cases concerning Research Data Management. Information specialists, data librarians and IT experts from all U4 universities were present and informed each other about their ways of working.

Main themes of the workshops were:

  • Storage facilities for researchers and IT infrastructure Policies on Data Management, publication and re-use of data
  • Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) and institutional repositories
  • Public relations, relations management, training on IT support for researchers
  • Connecting datasets to publications (DOI's, metadating)

All of the 24 attendants were very glad with the opportunity to meet fellow experts and colleagues and discuss all kind of issues in an open and informal environment.

Despite the differences in national policies, funding schemes, and university landscape, a number of common challenges were identified.

Our most important conclusion was that we have to be sure that we are really meeting the needs of our researchers in terms of research data support. And more....

  • Human resources and organizational structure of institutional support for the management of data
  • Communication across campus, including advertisement of service offers, bringing together researchers from different fields
  • As research data management is a new service, responsibilities and workflows are not settled yet
  • Interfacing a CRIS system with the publication and data-management (repository) systems
  • Including digital skills into the curriculum

U4 Research Data Life Cycle 2016Our mutual feeling was: we should do this more often, when shall we meet again?

We like to thank the colleagues from the U4 Network for the organizing of this event!

Jens Dierkes
Göttingen eResearch Alliance Coordinator

Maarten Goldberg
Groningen Research Data Office

Further information can be found on the Göttingen eResearch Alliance web page:

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