University Main Building Uppsala smallUppsala University invites paper proposals for a U4 Cluster Conference Social Sciences, Economics and Law (SSEL) 'On the Move – Exploring Contemporary Dynamics of Migration', hosted by Uppsala University, 29-30 May 2017.

The SSEL Conference 2017 aims to bring together researchers and PhD students from the participating universities on topics specifically addressing today's global challenges for societies. The conference theme of the contemporary dynamics of migration operates at many levels in society. It involves challenges emanating from different kinds of population movements, influencing issues of borders, governance, legislation, labour, health, mediation of refugeedom, among others.


Researchers are kindly invited to send in proposals for papers to be included in one of the below panels of the conference. 

  1. Issues of Reception, Governance, Borders, and Polarization based on the 2015 Refugee Crisis

  2. Regulating labour migration

  3. Arbitrary Law-Making and International Migration

  4. Migration and health: Entanglements of Bodies and Cultures

  5. Unaccompanied Children and Health

  6. The Mediation of Refugeedom: Europe's Refugee Crisis Through Different Lenses

  7. Migration and/or Family?

  8. Return migration and reintegration: discourses, lived experiences and conceptual boundaries

  9. The politics of displacement and return in Africa

  10. The social and political preferences of refugees

  11. Language policy as a gate-keeping mechanis: the multilingual policy paradox of mono-lingual nation-states

More info

The full call for abstracts and more info is available on

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission
13 March 2017

Deadline for notification of acceptance
21 March 2017

Deadline for final abstract revision
31 March 2017



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