rectors-2016On 11 and 12 November the University of Groningen hosted the IXth U4 Rectors' Conference. The annual Rectors' Conference forms the setting for the yearly evaluation and planning of the U4 strategic partnership.

As in previouw editions the four rectors took the occasion to focus on the strategy of the network. At the conference also representatives of all academic clusters and working groups take part to report on their activities and to present their aims for the coming year.

The outcome of 2016 is very positive. Not only is the number of initiatives still increasing. Also within the existing projects the cooperation has been considerably intensified. In addition, there have never been more mobile students and staff within the U4 network.

Highlights of this edition are without a doubt the succesful closur of the U4 DAAD mobility project (2013-2016, under the coordination of Göttingen), the commitment in the field of Sustainability, the consolidation of the U4 students' network, and the intent to develope a supporting framework for joint PhDs on the short term.

On occasion of the Rectors' Conference the resp. student associations of the four universities held a specific U4 Student Network meeting. In their recommendations towards the rectors they put a special focus on the theme of Sustainibility and proposed concrete measure.

The next U4 Rectors' Conference will take place in Ghent on 19 and 20 November 2017.

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