Translation Transformation 2016 smallThe third conference of the U4 Network 'Reverberations of Revolution: Polical upheaval seen from afar' in cooperation with the early career research group 'Multiple Modernities' took place in Göttingen from 23 to 25 June 2016.

The conference 'Translation and Transformation in the Age of Revolution' addressed the responses to radical political transformations in the 'Age of Revolution' in a transnational perspective. In recent years, the research on revolutions has become less Eurocentric, for they are considered in view of their connections with other places. The presentations focused on revolutionary events and narratives as relying on translators' ability to connect political pamphlets, witness accounts and other material with transnational cultural contexts.

SPEAKERS: Sarah Adams (Ghent), Elizabeth Amann (Ghent), Anja Bandau (Hannover), Michael Boyden (Uppsala), Malte Griesse (Konstanz), Raphael Hörmann (Lancashire), Alessa Johns (UC Davis), Marion Löffler (Aberystwyth), Alison E. Martin (Reading), Jeremy D. Popkin (Kentucky)

Please download the programme.

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