Reverberations of Revolution 2016The third conference of the U4 network 'Reverberations of Revolution: Polical upheaval seen from afar' in cooperation with the early career research group 'Multiple Modernities' will take place in Göttingen from 23 to 25 June 2016.

The category of revolution is itself a product of translation, from Latin to French, English, German etc. What is more, without translations the reception of revolutionary events would have been impossible in a transnational public sphere. In spite of this, the impact of translations has been largely ignored in standard historical accounts of the Atlantic revolutions. The reception of revolutionary events, based on the translation of eyewitness accounts and revolutionary pamphlets, inspired new upheavals on both sides of the Atlantic. The medial conditions involved transnational networks of translators, many of them female. Hence a transatlantic public sphere, in which revolutionary narratives were disseminated, emerged to a high degree through practices of translation.

SPEAKERS: Sarah Adams (Ghent), Elizabeth Amann (Ghent), Anja Bandau (Hannover), Michael Boyden (Uppsala), Malte Griesse (Konstanz), Raphael Hörmann (Lancashire), Alessa Johns (UC Davis), Marion Löffler (Aberystwyth), Alison E. Martin (Reading), Jeremy D. Popkin (Kentucky)

Please download the programme.

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