Rectors 2019 1 smallOn 22 and 23 November, the University of Göttingen hosted the 11th annual U4 Rectors’ Conference. The recent meeting did not only form a platform for the yearly evaluation and strategic planning, but also marked the 10-year anniversary (see brochure) of our successful and fruitful collaboration and partnership.

For the first time ever the University of Tartu took part in the meeting as they are joining the U4 network in the application process for the European University project to strengthen joint activities in education, research and innovation.

In seven parallel sessions, the rectors and other representatives of the universities advanced the focuses and strategy for the EU application, discussed the integration of Tartu as a full partner, as well as developed a shared long-term vision for the next decade of cooperation.

Overall, the outcome of the meeting was very positive and left everyone involved content and inspired. Everyone is motivated to lead the EU application to a successful completion and thereby lift our network to a whole new level of collaboration.

The next Rectors’ Meeting will take place in Tartu in November 2019.

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