Eva kesson Anna Rutgersson 1The conference ‘Bildung for Sustainable Development’ was organised in Göttingen on 23-24 November 2018. It is part of a series of events ‘Science for Peace and Sustainability’ which is organised by the University of Göttingen together with associated partners.

The diverse programme that was either conducted in German or English attracted many interested students, scientists and experts from across Germany and beyond. Besides experts from other U4 partner institutions the participants included representatives from the didactics, educational sciences and experts from the field of governance and society.

In many interesting lectures and panels, the audience discussed the challenges and opportunities of ‘Education for Sustainable Development’(ESD). How can sustainability issues be integrated into education from a young age onwards? Is it possible to develop interdisciplinary approaches to gain more holistic views on global sustainability challenges? Digitalisation, early childhood education, teacher training and the role of sustainability at universities were other topics discussed at the conference.

In the run-up to the conference many scientists from other U4 partner universities made important suggestions to the programme, others supported the conference on the day.

Prof. Dr. Eva Akesson, Vice Chancellor of Uppsala University and Prof. Dr. Anna Ruttgerson, Uppsala University contributed by leading a plenary talk on ‘The University and Sustainability’ which was followed by a discussion forum led by Dick Jager from the Green Office at the University of Groningen. Whereas Wim Joste from Ghent University presented parts of his research on ‘Improving agricultural education in Tajikistan’.

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