12 2Since 2009 the U4 partners have made a joint effort in setting up projects in the framework of Erasmus Action 2 partnerships, formerly known as External Coopertation Windows. The first consortium with all U4 partners represented was the LiSUM project ('Linking Sino-European Universities through Mobility'). The project aimed at the exchange between Europe and China and provided for 250 scholarships. The project lasts until July 2013, but is no longer open for application. More info: www.lisum.ugent.be.

In 2010 and 2011 resp. LOTUS I and LOTUS II saw the light. Lotus fosters the cooperation between European and higher education institutions in South East Asia. Both projects last until resp. Juy 2014 and July 2015.

In 2012 three projects with a U4 based consortium were selected:

  • LOTUS III (South East Asia) - coordinator: Ghent
  • EU-SATURN (South Africa) - coordinator: Groningen
  • PEACE (Latin-America) - coordinator: Uppsala

In 2013 there were two projects with a U4 based consortium

In 2014 two projects made the final call:

  • Lotus+ (South East Asia) - coordinator: Uppsala
  • Inspire (South Africa) - coordinator: Uppsala

More info on calls for application and scholarships are found on the resp. project websites.

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